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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Presenting the Findings of our Research at the CILIPS 2017 Annual Conference

The  research team was recently invited to present the findings of the research project at CILIPS (Chareterd Institute of iIbrary and Information Professionals in Scotland) Annual Conference 2017,  "Strategies for Success", which took place on 5-6th June 2017 in Dundee. 


The presentation addressed the research findings of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. The latter offered an overview of data collected via focus groups within an urban geographical area within the Northeast of Scotland.  The presentation slides can be accessed below:


We have also recently developed a partnership with an SRC Peer Education Co-ordinator  for Literacies & ESOL Practitioner and a Research Assistant for Social Support and Migration in Scotland as part of the ‘Sharing Lives, Sharing Languages: Peer Education for refugees learning English’ SRC project to create a Syrian Scottish cookbook with dessert recipes. As part of that activity we are hoping to raise community awareness and financial support for running ICT classes for women in the local community from which both local Syrians and Scots can benefit. Below, we have included a few photographs from a local community cooking event which took place in May 2017 at the Garioch Community kitchen in Inverurie and will form the basis of the cookbook which will include both Scottish and Syrian desert recipes.


  Photographs by: Paul Coleman and Chris Meek 

Our next steps will take us to the i3 Information Interactions and Impact conference in Aberdeen on 26-30th June http://www.rgu.ac.uk/research/conferences/i-2017 and then to the CILIP conference in Manchester on 5-6th July cilipconference.org.uk 

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