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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Scotland welcomes refugees - Impact and next steps”

The research team attended “Scotland welcomes refugees - Impact and next steps” conference organised by NHS Health Scotland in Glasgow on 2nd November.The conference brought together key stakeholders invested in integration in Scotland to recognise achievements, highlight on-going challenges and identify priorities for the next phase of the ‘New Scots’ strategy. The New Scots: Integrating refugees in Sctoland's Communities 2014-17 report can be found here.

The event offered an opportunity to hear about integration from a national and local perspective with interesting practice models.  The conference included a number of interactive workshops to gather views on progress and learn and share available opportunities for refugees and asylum seekers. The ideas we discussed are presented below. 

There was emphasis on educating the community and we proposed the idea of a community involvement language project that helps language development beyond the classroom. This active learning approach could involve Syrian new Scots learning English through volunteering activities within the community.  They could be paired with local volunteers who could help them develop understanding of English language terminology related to the task and therefore to potential future careers.

The importance of understanding what skills and knowledge they already have was therefore highlighted.  A database of potential community project could be shared with the wider community and this would also be used to showcase examples of good practice.

We would like to thank the  Scottish Refugee Council for bringing the conference to our attention.

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